Sri Lanka Coronavirus isolates Induruwa areas, six Covid-19 deaths takes total to 171

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has Coronavirus isolated areas Thenduwa West and Thenduwa East Grama Niladari Division of Induruwa in the South Western coast, the state information office said as 6 new deaths took the total to 171.

Authorities confirmed 618 new Coronavirus cases on December 19, taking the total patients reported so far to 36,667.

There were 8,944 patients under medical care in secondary treatment centres and hospitals.

Sri Lanka is still treating all confirmed cases in hospital but is home quarantining F1 cases, having dropped institutional quarantine as case numbers spiked.

On December 19 seven new deaths were reported taking the total to 171.

A 39-year old female from Colombo-14 had died at the Infectious Diseases hospital in on 19.12.2020 Colombo after being transferred from General Hospital. Sri Lanka died of sepsis and multiple organ failure with Covid-19 pnemonia.

A 68-year old male from Weeragula had died on 18.12.2020 on admission to the base hospital in Wathupitiwala with a chest infection from Covid-19.

A 77 year old male Colombo 15 had died on admission to General Hospital on 17.12.2020. He had high blood pressure, diabetes and Covid-19 pneumonia.

A 76-year old male from Colombo 10 had died on admission to the General Hospital Colombo on 17.12.2020. He had Covid-19 pneumonia.

An 88-year old female from Kiriwaththuduwa had died n 18.12.2020. She had a heart attack, high blood pressure and chest infection from Covid-19.





An 83 year old female from Bandaragama had died at home on 18.12.2020. She had high blood pressure and a lung infection from Covid-19.

Sri Lanka has reported a total of 36,667 Coronavirus cases, and 8,844 were under medical at hospital and secondary treatment centres. (Colombo/Dec202/2020)

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