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Sri Lanka Coronavirus total tops 5,000, among lowest Covid-19 mortality in the world

Sri Lanka Coronavirus total tops 5,000, among lowest Covid-19 mortality in the world

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Coronavirus infections topped 5,035 with 194 new infections found on October 13 in a new cluster, and the country’s mortality rate remains among the lowest in the world, with 13 deaths (0.26 percent), data show.

According to Worldometers.info an online data portal, outside of small pacific islands, Sri Lanka’s mortality rate of 0.26 percent is topped by Cambodia which had zero deaths and 283 cases and Singapore with 0.05 percent (28 deaths, 57,884 cases).

It is closely matched by Slovakia with 0.29 percent (20,886 cases and 61 deaths).

The countries which had most success in controlling the virus are those that shared a border with China or had close links which started containment activities in January 2020, when news of the Wuhan virus spread.

Bhutan in South Asia, as well as Mongolia and Cambodia had reported zero deaths. North Korea is also claiming success but data is scarce.

Vietnam which also had a zero death record until July 2020, saw a surge to 35 after a cluster that developed in Da Nang city infected an intensive care unit taking the mortality rate to 3.14 percent and total cases to 1,134.

Vietnam contained the epidemic without a lockdown but with a rapidly evolving contact tracing strategy involving testing contacts quickly without waiting for an ‘indication’ and isolating all F1 contacts regardless of test results.

Vietnam had the highest tests per confirmed case in the world. Sri Lanka and Bhutan also now have high testing rates per discovered case.

Sri Lanka also started quarantine early in January 2020, due to the countries’ close links with China, inbound tourists as well as guest workers.





There were also public outcries to quarantine visitors in both Vietnam and Sri Lanka which forced authorities to act.

Vietnam and Cambodia closed borders with China amid criticism from the World Health Organization and later with Europe. Vietnam also advised citizens to wear masks against WHO advise at the time.


WHO says ‘no reason’ to close borders with China, quarantine healthy travellers

Closing borders could allow China virus to spread faster: WHO

Several African nations including those that had tracing capabilities had also low total case numbers but higher mortality rates.

Sri Lanka is now battling a cluster that developed in an apparel factory which grew to 1,591.

No one has died in the cluster. There were also no deaths in the last cluster involving a drug rehabilitation centre where an almost asymptomatic strain had survived.

Most of Sri Lanka’s deaths involved foreign returnees. (Colombo/Oct14/2020 – Update II)

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