Sri Lanka coroners back Rajapakse

COLOMBO (EcononyNext) – President Mahinda Rajapakse has received strong support from inquirers into sudden deaths. They hold honorary appointments, but are not expected to engage in politics.

However, in an unusual open verdict, the Association of Inquirers into Sudden Deaths supported President Rajapakse at the January 8 vote.

The coroners accuse the opposition of trying to betray the country even though the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena has promised to restore rule of law and ensure the independence of the judiciary.

"This is not a suitable time for change," the coroner’s association said in a statement published in the Sinhalese-language Divaina newspaper.

There was no examination into Rajapakse’s nine-year rule, but the statement talked about the opposition trying to “betray” the nation.

Coroners are paid an honorarium of 1,200 rupees for each inquest along with a modest travelling allowance, with the exception of the Colombo City coroner who is not paid.

Higher the sudden deaths, the better it is for coroners elsewhere in the country.

It was not possible to immediately verify the high crime rate as the police department inexplicably removed crime statistics from its website.

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