Sri Lanka corruption worsens in 2016: Transparency Index

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has slipped 12 places to 95 among 177 countries that have been ranked on perceived corruption in the state sector in 2016, according to an index that measures transparency falling two years in a row.

Transparency International, a global corruption watchdog said Sri Lanka’s Corruption Perception Index score that measures transparency fell from 37 points in 2015 to 36 in 2016, after falling from 38 in 2014.

Denmark and New Zealand, viewed as the least corrupt countries (No 01 in transparency), have a score of 90 and Finland in third place has 89 points.

Somalia the most corrupt has a score of 10 and South Sudan, 11.

Argentina, El Salvadore, Kosovo and Benin also has a score of 36 along with Sri Lanka.

India has a sore of 40 (rank 79), Pakistan 30 (rank of 116) and Bangladesh 24 (rank 145).

Some observers who expected corruption to reduce following a change of administration 2015, have been surprised by the speed with which the new administration ran headlong in controversies.

Sri Lanka’s so-called ‘good governance’ administration has been rocked by high profile scandals involving bond sales, sweetheart deals and tax breaks given to big business and public procurements.

But according to members of the administration some action is being taken following a public outcry and the establishment of more independent institutions.

The Parliament’s Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) which is now headed by a member of the opposition has already issued a report on insider deals involving government bond sales. (Colombo/Nov26/2017)





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