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Sri Lanka Covid-19 PCR tested Coronavirus contacts asked to stay at home amid delays

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is appealing Coronavirus contacts to stay at home amid delays in testing and hospitalization as curfews were extended and institutionalized quarantined was dropped as Covid-19 cases surged putting pressure on resources.

General Silva said first and second contacts and also targeted suspected group are being tested.

Home Appeal

“We are asking anyone who has been given a PCR test to stay at home,” Sri Lanka’s army chief General Shavendra Silva told Sri Lanka’s Derana Television.

“We have seen people who have been given a PCR test then go here and there and it spread to many people.

“You have been given test because you are a contact or there is a suspicion. We are asking earnestly to stay at home.”

He said tested persons should stay at home whether they were tested at a private or state agency.

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Sri Lanka dropped institutionalized quarantine of first contacts and resorted to home quarantine as infections rapidly grew mostly from a fish-market while authorities were insisting that all found contacts were from a factory cluster in Minuwangoda.

Home quarantine is a less effective tool especially especially in areas not under lockdown, observers say as remaining householders tend to get infected as contacts pass the incubation period, eventually increasing pressure on hospital and deaths.

Korea has home quarantine with a continuing trickle of deaths compared to countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia which killed outbreaks to zero with institutionalized quarantine.

Local television said Saturday a multi-day boat has been asked to turn back after a sailor it was carrying had a positive PCR result.


However resources are under increasing pressure with a rising number of confirmation and authorities were turning quarantine centres to second tier treatment centres for asymptomatic patients without underlying conditions.

Over the weekend Sri Lanka’s privately run Swarnavahini reported a patient from Kahapola, Piliyandala who was waiting at home after getting a test voluntarily.

“I go to the fish market. I informed that to MHI and MOH in the area. Then me and my son went to Jalthara hospital and did a PCR test,” he said.

“On October 28th I got a call from the Hospital saying my PCR came positive but my son’s PCR was negative.

“They told me not to go anywhere and stay at home until they come to pick me. I stayed up until night but no one came. Then I called the PHI the next day. And they said okay we will come on that day.

“PHI officer then came to my house and took some information. After that I am still waiting for the authorities to come and pick me. After that day I continued to call the PHI but now they don’t even answer my calls.

“I have two children at home. And there are about 8 children in these houses near me. Three houses are already under self-quarantine because of me.

“After being infected people start to treat us differently. Because of me we can’t even go to a shop to buy any supplies.

“I am asking to send me to hospital. I don’t need this virus to spread in this neighbourhood because of me. At least I have to save these other people at least.”

The person was picked later on November 01, reports said.

Sri Lanka’s Coronavirus deaths went up to 21 on November 01, with a 40-year-old male who was being treated for high blood pressure and breathing difficulties being confirmed with Covid-19.

The patient, who was a resident of Mahara had turned up in the the National Hospital for Respiratory Diseases, Welisara on October 23, with respiratory difficulties and high blood pressure.

On November 01, Sri Lanka confirmed 397 new cases.

Authorities insist that there is no community transmission in Sri Lanka including in the Western province. The area is now under curfew.

The total from the new cluster went up to 7,582 and the total confirmed over 11,060.

Goods will be sent on home delivery from Monday with the process used in the first half of 2020 being re-activated. (Colombo/ November 2/2020)

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