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Sri Lanka Docs urge government to act fast not pretend there is no Covid crisis

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s medical profession is being urged by its peers to act as if there is community transmission of the COVID-19 virus to prevent a calamitous outcome.

The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS), in a statement issued yesterday July 14, says the increase in the number of Coronavirus patients and their geographical distribution “compels us to suspect that there is imminent or established community transmission” of COVID-19.

“We strongly feel that it would be quite prudent to assume as established community transmission even as low grade to minimize the further spread and its dreadful eventualities,” the statement, signed by its President Dr. L A Ranasinghe, said.

AMS, a Trade Union, urged the government to “act fast not pretending that there is no crisis.”

The apex body of the medical profession, the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) issued a similar warning.

The SLMA said earlier this week that today it “was gravely concerned by the current COVID-19 situation in the country, pointing out further that there was a blatant lack of application of the measures required to control the spread of the disease.”

“We are of the view that key measures are not adequately applied and monitored at present, thereby increasing the vulnerability of the country to a resurgence of COVID-19. It is now clearly observed that the country is shifting back to the behaviour of the pre-Covid era. It is tremendously disheartening to see what was achieved by a massive campaign to take the country to a new normal situation being reversed.”

“Most unfortunately, it seems to be complicated by some regressive set of steps that have been taken which could contribute towards dragging the entire country towards the catastrophic status that is akin to that faced by many other nations the world over.” (Colombo, July 15, 2020-sb)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana







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