Sri Lanka electricity for industry cheaper than parts of Asia, high for households

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s power tariffs for large householders are the highest in Asia along with Korea, but for industry prices are sharply lower than Hong Kong, Philippines, some parts of India and Singapore, an intra-regional analysis shows.

RMA Energy, a Sri Lanka-based consultancy headed by Tilak Siyambalapitiya also found that tariffs for industry in the country was broadly comparable to China, Thailand.

Large households in Sri Lanka (over 600 units) are charged 38.67 rupees a unit (kilowatt hour) compared to 38.67 rupees for Korea, which has the highest rate among the countries.

Similar households in Singapore are charged 21.62 rupees, and in Hong Kong 20.78 rupees a unit. In Sri Lanka households are a key reason for a night peak, where some of the most expensive power is generated.

But Singapore which mainly generates power from gas turbines also has least interventionist tariffs in the region charging the equivalent of 21.62 rupees per unit from all sizes of households and commercial customers and giving some bulk discounts to large users.

Singapore is a country that is renowned for rule of law and justice.

The price in the RMA Energy analysis does not include value added tax.


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