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Sri Lanka expects 42,000MT maize crop in Yala season

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is expected to produce 42,000 metric tonnes of maize in the current Yala minor cultivation season up from 25,222 metric tonnes last year, the Department of Agriculture has said.

The forecast is made on 10,731 hectares cultivated up the end of May 2020. The target for 2020 Yala is 17,059 hectares.

Most of Sri Lanka’s maize cultivation comes in the Maha season which is over. The estimate for the Maha season was 312,835 metric tonnes.

Sri Lanka’s poultry farmers have asked the state to relax an import control saying the entire crop has been bought up by collectors and feed millers.

Sri Lanka has a system of import licensing, where poultry farmers have to go after bureaucrats to get maize, whose prices are kept up by import duties.

Soybean crop for the Yala season is expected to be 7,350 metric tonnes, up from 1,893 tonnes last year. (Colombo/July31/2020)

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