Sri Lanka export agency to help get US and EU approval for Covid-19 nanotech

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Export Development Board said it getting ready to help get approval from US and EU medical regulators for Coronavirus testing material and a safety nanocoating produced in the country.

“The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) has reverse engineered COVID-19 testing swabs and has been producing them in-collaboration with the Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka, the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, and Hi-Fashion Holdings Pvt limited,” the EDB said

“SLINTEC sterile is an antimicrobial nanocoating that can be applied on numerous surfaces without tarnishing its aesthetical appearance.

“This technology can eradicate microorganisms on the coating applied surface as well as the surrounding air with its protective effect lasting up to six months.”

The nano coating can be used in hotels, hospitals, airports, residential houses, offices, and supermarkets.

“SLINTEC, with its export production capabilities for Swabs and Sterile, has identified interested buyers in the European and US markets,” the EDB said.

“The last bridge to gap was to obtain FDA (US market) and CE (EU markets) certifications for export market compliance.”

SLINTEC had asked for EDB support to commercialize the product.

The Ministry of Industrial Exports and Investment Promotion had allocated five million rupees to the EDB to support the project. (Colommbo/Aug27/2020)





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