Sri Lanka exports down 3.8-pct in Jan 2017, fuel drive imports

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s exports fell 3.8 percent to 864.7 million US dollars in January 2017 from a year earlier, with industrial exports continuing to slow, while imports surged driven by fuel amid a drought, official data showed.

Apparel exports fell 8.2 percent to 426.3 million dollars, rubber products fell 18.7 percent to 58 million dollars.

Tea exports rose 2.1 percent 101.6 million dollars spices rose 33.7 percent to 30.4 million dollars, seafood exports rose 19.7 percent to 18.2 million dollars.

Consumer goods imports rose 4.4 percent to 358.8 million dollars and non-food consumer goods fell 4.3 percent to 215.2 million dollars. Vehicle imports fell 24.1 percent to 66 million dollars.

Intermediate goods rose 18.6 percent to 950.1 million dollars, with fuel imports up 61.4 percent to 282.2 million dollars.

Diamonds and precious metals rose 179 percent to 69 million dollars.

Investment goods fell 2.6 percent to 432.2 million dollars, with machinery falling 1.9 percent to 250.6 million dollars.

Tourism earnings grew 12.9 percent to 376 million dollars and inflows to the government was up 121 percent to 200.4 million dollars. (Colombo/May04/2017)

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