Sri Lanka expressway contractors should win foreign business: PM

ECONOMYNEXT- Domestic contractors that were given deals to build sections of Sri Lanka’s central expressway should go out and win foreign deals, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

"We have to go forward as Sri Lankans," Prime Minister Wickramesinghe was quoted as saying after flagging off construction of a 39.7 kilometre section of the expressway that runs from the capital Colombo to the Central Province in deals valued at Rs137 billion.

"That is why this contract was given to a group of 14 Sri Lankan companies. Up to now, these firms have been building roads as sub-contractors to foreign firms. Although they had experience, they were not given contracts on their own."

"After discussing with the minister, we awarded these contracts. The main reason was to give them the ability to get international contracts. That is the condition."

"When this work is finished, they should immediately go out and win contracts to build expressways in another country."

A 9.71 kilometre stretch was awarded to a consortium made up of ICC, Access, Nawaloka and KDESH for Rs34.249 billion, and a 10.2 kilometre stretch was given for Rs34.592 billion to Sierra – Olympus and Tudawa – CEC.

Another 10.88 kilometres of the expressway was given for Rs32.084 billion to consortium made up of KDAW,NEM and E&C, and an 8.50 kilometer section was given for Rs36.271 billion to MAGA – CML and VVK-HOVAEL. (Colombo/Feb02/2017 – Corrected total length 39.7)

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