Sri Lanka expressway users top 100,000 in holiday weekend

ECONOMYNEXT – More than 110,000 motorists had used an expressway to the South kicking off the 2017 holiday weekend, making it the busiest day since its opening, earning more than 30 million rupees for the road agency, a report said.

On Friday Dec 22, more than 110,000 motorists had travelled the expressway, Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror newspaper quoted Saman Opanayake, Maintenance and Operations Director of the Southern Expressway as saying.

A similar volume of traffic was also seen on Sunday December 24, he had said.

A second expressway to Katunayake Airport had also seen 22,000 to 25,000 vehicles a day.

On ordinary days between 50,000 to 70,000 vehicles use the expressways, he had said.

The Road Development Authority had earned over 30 million rupees a day during the weekend from user fees.

Access roads to some interchanges had seen congestion, the report said.

A user of the Southern Expressway said he experienced congestion on the expressway with some vehicles travelling as slow as 60 kilometres or less, posing a danger to other motorists that changes to the left lane to allow faster vehicles to overtake.

The expressway had made the South closer to the capital by cutting travel time and pushed up land values near interchanges and at the terminus, generating economic transformation.






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