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Sri Lanka extends Colombo Coronavirus curfews to Gothatuwa, Mulleriyawa

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has expanded a curfew in Colombo to Gothatuwa and Mulleriyawa suburbs from 1900 hours, the state information office said as authorities battled a surge in cases in the capital and in some provinces.

Overnight curfew was imposed in the Maradana and Dematagoda suburbs of Colombo.

On October 23, 865 domestic patients and 01 foreign patient was confirmed in the highest daily total so far, taking the total to 7,153.


Sri Lanka Coronavirus curfew expanded in Colombo, Kalutara as Covid-19 cases hit 865 in a day – Updated

Barapathala Situation

“There is an increase in the numerical and geographical spread of patients,” Deputy Director General of Health Hemantha Herath told reporters on October 23.

“As of today, the situation in not uncontrollable. But the people should take it into their minds that it is a serious (barapathala) situation.

“When we look at the rate of speed of the spread, if there is not sufficient co-operation from the
people, there is a chance of the trend towards going to an uncontrollable situation.

(Parleneryer kala nohaki thathwayakater yaamay pravanertharwayakerter – ehemath nethnam ei dheserter gaman kirimay hakiyarwak – thiyanawar.)

“At various levels are we are doing PCR tests and tracing and quarantine. We are asking for maximum co-operation.”





Officials are urging people in all areas to stay at home as much as possible and limit movements and follow requests of health or other officials.

“In areas where no patients have been reported, or if you have not been identified as a close contact, you should still limit your movements to the maximum,” Herath said.

“Unless it is very essential do not go anywhere. Many people are co-operating but a one or two are enough to turn in upside down.”

Herath said if a young and active person moves around and contracts the disease and goes home, older persons are at risk.

On Saturday the second death was reported from the new cluster taking total deaths to 15.

In the current outbreak, which officials say is more contagious than earlier ones, many patients get mild or no symptoms making it less likely to be detected.

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