Sri Lanka fashion show in social media storm over human table décor

ECONOMYNEXT – A fashion show in Sri Lanka is facing a backlash over human table décor used at a launch event in a Colombo hotel which social media users found unfashionable.

"What is #SwimWeekColombo smoking? What is this absurd nonsense? You’d expect them to inspire in this industry, to set an example. But instead, here we are. Groan indeed," irate twitter user nuzster wrote, reposting a video that showed smiling women in the middle of tables draped with long skirts in the fashion of tablecloths.

"An example of a women being made an object.. shame on the organisers.. disrespect," another twitter user said.

Organizers however said it was a creative live food presentation.

"Chef Patrick of Shangri La, his team and the staff completely surprised us with a creative live food presentation after our press conference," Colombo Fashion Week said on its page.

"It was great to see the staff of Shangri-La who have gone through so much in the recent past come together and showcase this. It was good to see them back and together as a unit, moving forward in unity and spirit."

One tweep said that the décor was disturbing, and at least should have mixed men with the women to try to achieve a balance.

An user, Dunilsha Hewage, used the opportunity to call out the ‘elite of Colombo’, who had criticized sexual harassment of women on public transport.

"Anyone going to call this s**t out or is it not as important when the elite of Colombo is participating in the very acts they condemn," she said.

Another twitter user claimed that it was a gross ‘misogynistic’ indecency implying it was the work of a person who hates or dislikes women. (Colombo/Jul18/2019- Updated at 09:34 Jul18)






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