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Sri Lanka flush-out curfew exposes new Coronavirus node in Borelasgamuwa and Piliyadala

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has confirmed two new Coronavirus cases in Borelasgamuwa and Piliyandala during an extended curfew imposed to find infected persons who had missed a contact tracing process with an older index case from March 12 having infected dozens of persons.

On April 20, two persons had been found in Piliyandala and Borelasgamuwa in addition to over two dozen confirmed from Bandaranaika Pura, relating an index patient who had returned from April 12 and had turned up in hospital on April during flush-out curfews.

On April 20, 32 new cases were found, the highest in a single day.

So far 32 cases had been confirmed from the patient that had arrived from India on March 12. On April 20, a patient each had been found in Piliyandala and Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka’s Army Chief General Shavendra Silva.

“The person from Borelasgamuwa had gone to a private hosptial in the Kottawa area,” he said. “The hospital had been closed.

“He goes to this place three times a week for treatment.” “A patient we already know, patient 114 had gone to this place on 24 and 26 dates. This person had gone on 23 and 25 this person had gone.

“There is a suspicion whether he got infected from there. But the dispensary and the people had been found and quarantined.”

The contacts of the person found in Pilyandala had also been found and sent for quarantine, he said. The Piliyanda cluster is connected to a fish-vendor.

The military had taken 260 persons connected to the March 12 returnee to Kandakadu quarantine centre.
By 1130hours on April 21, 303 persons had been confirmed.

Sri Lanka extended curfews in Colombo to April 27, delaying the ending of flush-out curfews in Colombo.
The flush-out curfews had been imposed for people who the contact tracers had missed to develop the disease and come to hospital.





However the discovery of a large number of asymptomatic persons had shown the need for a more active random or voluntary testing, observers say. (Colombo/Apr21/2020)

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