Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry wins compensation for migrant workers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister Harsha de Silva has handed over 50 million rupees as compensation to 34 families of migrant workers who got into difficulties in the Middle East and Russia.

Deputy Minister de Silva had said that the administration wanted to create more jobs at home and reduce the need for women to find work in the Middle East.

Sri Lanka’s central bank which financed budget deficits with money printing has depreciated the rupee, destroying the real value of salaries at home, making jobs in foreign countries more attractive and making Sri Lanka an exporter of housemaids.

Central Banks Indonesia and Philippines which also have so-called ‘crawling peg’ generating high inflation, exports housemaids.

The money distributed on Thursday was secured with the assistance of Sri Lanka Missions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Bahrain and Russia, the Foreign Ministry said.

Some of the fund came after case were filed in foreign courts. In the case of harassment and injuries, the Missions had obtained payments from the sponsors directly. The beneficiaries were from all parts of the country, mainly from rural areas.

So far this 169 million rupees had been given to 116 families by the Foreign Ministry. Last year 195 million rupees had been given.

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