Sri Lanka gets EU council nod for GSP+,

ECONOMYNEXT – European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council has approved free trade benefits for Sri Lanka amid expanded freedoms granted by the state and rulers to citizens.

Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva said the decision is likey to be implemented within two weeks

"Sri Lanka has ratified and implemented measures contained in a number of international conventions on human and labour rights, environment protection and good governance," a statement after a council meeting on foreign affairs and trade said.

"On this basis, Sri Lanka has become eligible to receive additional tariff preferences for sustainable development and good governance, in addition to the generalised scheme of tariff preferences benefitting to all developing countries."

Sri Lanka is a signatory the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but its citizen were denied freedoms usually available under the treaty.

Sri Lanka in general has a constitution that expands the power of the rulers, and undermines independence of the public service, giving room for arbitrary actions by the rulers, undermining justice and rule of law, for which there has been a clamour for change. (Colombo/May11/2017)

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