Sri Lanka gives concessions for flood relief imports

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s finance ministry said a range of items imported for flood relief, like medicine, life jackets, water filters and boat engines, will be given concessions to ensure their speedy release.

“These concessions will be given only for the imports made by UN agencies, diplomatic missions, international NGOs and individuals involved in relief work in the flood and landslide victims’ areas,” a statement said.

This was to ensure that these items are used only in flood relief assistance programs and were for the affected victims, it said.

“All relief items, other than medical equipment and medicines, will be released on the recommendation of the Secretary Ministry of Disaster Management,” the finance ministry said.

“Those items should be handed over to the Ministry of Disaster Management or to any other relevant government authorities recommended by that Ministry for the use and distribution among intended beneficiaries.”

Medical equipment and medicine will be released on the recommendation of the Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, and should be handed over to the Ministry of Health.

The finance ministry said the concessions will be allowed only up to June 30, 2016, and all consignments are required to comply with regulatory and security clearances.

Any items cleared under these concessions should not be sold, hired, leased, disposed or used for any other purposes, it said.

List of the items follows:
No.    Items
1    Folding Mattress
2    Generators (5 K V A/ 20 K V A) (220V/240 V)
3    Emergency Lights
4    Life  Jackets
5    Mobile Toilets
6    Tapeline
7    Tents, Roofing Sheets and Materials, Pre- fabricated houses (Other than building material produced locally)/ Plastic Sheets
8    Toilet Cleaning Tablets
9    Water Filters
10    Water Purification Tablets / Powder
11    Out Board Motors (25.40 hp.)
12    Boats
13    Kitchen Sets
14    Blankets
15    Umbrellas
16    Gum Boots
17    Rain Coats
18    Water Motors /Pumps
19    Medical Supplies
20    Torches
21    Mobile Water Purification Plants
22    Mini Mobile Hospitals
23    Insecticides for fly control as Solfax
24    Sleeping Pads
25    Water  Tank (Polyethylene and other)
26    Electrical Cable
27    Electric Plug
28    Milk Powder, Infant Milk and Infant Food
29    Instant Dry Foods
30     Sanitary Napkins
31    Nebulizer Machines
32    Blood Pressure Meters
33    Clinical Thermometers
34    Other Essential Food Items Specially Required for Disaster Affected Victims
(COLOMBO, May 23, 2016)





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