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Sri Lanka goods exports down 64-pct in April amid Coronavirus: EDB

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s merchandise exports have fallen 64 percent to 277.4 million US dollars in April 2020 from 772.5 million US dollars a year earlier, the Export Development Board said as the country was locked down to contain a Coronavirus crisis.

Up to April Merchandise exports were down 26 percent in the 2,853 million dollars in 2020 from 3,888 million last year, the EDB said.

Services exports made up of ICT/ BPM, Construction, Financial services, Logistics and Tourism sectors were estimated at 1,030 million dollars down from 1,381 million last year.

Up to April 2020, exports of goods and services had fallen 26 percent to 3,884.28 million dollars from 5,269.28 million US dollars a year earlier, the EDB said.

In the month of April apparel exports were down 81 percent to 356 million US dollars, tea was down 20 percent to 78.3 million US dollars, rubber based exports were down 53 percent to 25 million US dollars, coconduct based exports were down 35 percent to 35 million US dollars.

Seafood was down 72 percent to 6.2 million US dollars, food and beverages were down 43 percent to 14.5 million US dollars, electronics were down 63 percent to 9.46 million dollars.

Vegetable Products, Tamarind, Areca Nuts, Ginger, Oleoresins, Onions, Instant Tea, Coconut Husk Chips, Essential Oils, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Kiri Ala, Green Gram, Melons & Papayas, Other Natural Rubber, Gherkins, Organic Chemicals had grown, the EDB said.


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