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Sri Lanka health ministry says country in Coronavirus Alert 3 with multiple Covid-19 clusters

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry had called for greater caution with multiple clusters coming up in Colombo and several other districts, saying the country is at Alert 03 level which comes before community transmission.

The public are asked to follow DReAM (D-Social Distancing, no gathering, mainly stay at home/Re-Respiratory Etiquette, A – aseptic practices/handwashing/sanitizing) and M – proper use of masks.

Alert level 01 is where sporadic cases are reported with index cases from abroad. Alert level 02 is one cluster of cases and Alert Level 03 is several clusters of cases. Alert Level 04 is community transmission when clusters merge and cases appear which cannot be attributed to a cluster anymore.

Officials have said already that the Minuwangoda and Fish-Market clusters were cross-infecting which led to confusion in attributing cases.


Sri Lanka Coronavirus curfew in Colombo suburbs as cross-infections probed in fish market

Several clusters including the fish market and Dockyard clusters have spread outside of Colombo when there was no border control.

Sri Lanka authorities have also not increased social distancing beyond one meter, though repeatedly saying that the current strain of the virus is more transmissible than earlier ones.

In China and Vietnam, when large clusters develop the cities are either locked down, or border controls are placed to stop them spreading to the rest of the country and contact tracers try to kill the clusters.

The WHO also does to have a definition for individual cities with community transmission, which observers say occurred in Wuhan, which was locked down and authorities traced and tested people who went out.





The Health Ministry had released the following list of permitted functions.

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