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Sri Lanka hires 34,000 workers in tax-payer financed job program

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s had started giving appointments to the first 34,000 workers in a program to hire 100,000 state workers into the public service, the President’s office said.

The appointees will get a 6-mont training under a program overseen by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority.

They will get a a NVQ III certificate. During the training period, trainees will receive a monthly allowance of 22,500.

But the allowance for 100,000 persons in training, without the cost of training will be 13.5 billion rupees for six months.

After the six month training period, they will get permanent appointment on a PL-01 Service Category and will be directed to ministries, departments and corporations.

It is not clear what salary they will be paid at the time.

They will be deployed “in vegetables and fruits production activities on Government’s farms and abandoned agricultural lands that have the potential for successful re-cultivation, utilizing modern agri- technology,” the statement said.

“They will also be provided with employment in sectors such as Wildlife and Forest Conservation, irrigation and Agrarian Services, Agriculture Service Centres, Rural Hospitals and activities related to the schools.”

The new hires are from poor families where other members are not employed. It is part of a tax payer financed program to reduce poverty.

Amid a Covid-19 crisis, unemployment is expected to rise in 2020.





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