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Sri Lanka ICT workforce to grow 16.0-pct in 2019: survey

ECONOMYNEXT – Workers in Sri Lanka’s information communications technology (ICT) sector is expected to grow 16.9 percent in 2019 to 146,089 from 124,873 in 2018, a survey by Sri Lanka’s ICT Agency has found.

The workforce has grown 50.7 percent since the 82,854 in last survey in 2014.

"As per my knowledge the only industry can improve the quality of life of the people in this country," Minister of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology, Ajith Perera said.

"It is the only industry that can produce lakhs of jobs. ICT industry is the only areas that matches the aspirations of the future generations."

In 2013 when the first survey was done most of the workers were in computer departments of non-IT firms.

But by 2019, pure ICT firms have become the biggest employers. ICT firms employed 65.6 percent of the workforce and non-ICT firms employed only 22 percent.

Most IT firms were now employing graduates and not people with lower qualifications

"Bachelor’s degree has become the standard entry qualification for majority of job categories in all major employer categories," ICTA project officer Vemani Kushalya said.

About 64.2 percent of workforce now had Bachelors degrees. At ICT firm over 90 percent were graduates.

Only 15 percent of employees had qualifications below graduate level. Officials said policy makers and schools may have to upgrade their curriculum to produce higher quality ICT qualifications. (Colombo/Aug07/2019)





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