Sri Lanka leading in HDI rankings in South Asia

Sri Lanka remains ranked the best in South Asia in the latest Human Development Index (HDI) by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the year 2018..

This is despite falling three places in the global ranking as the new spot for Sri Lanka is 76 while in 2017 we were ranked 73rd.

HDI is a composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development-a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living.

Source- UNDP

The top five countries in the Global HDI rankings are Norway (0.953), Switzerland (0.944), Australia (0.939), Ireland (0.938) and Germany (0.936).

The bottom five are Burundi (0.417), Chad (0.404), South Sudan (0.388), the Central African Republic (0.367) and Niger (0.354).

Ireland enjoyed the highest increase in HDI rank between 2012 and 2017 moving up 13 places, while Botswana, the Dominican Republic and Turkey were also developing strongly, each moving up eight places.

All three steepest declines in human development ranking were countries in conflict: the Syrian Arab Republic had the largest decrease in HDI rank, falling 27 places, followed by Libya (26 places), and Yemen (20 places)

HDI has segregated the countries according to their relevant HDI values such as low, medium, high and very high human development, therefore, there are 38 countries below 0.504 HDI value which are referred to as countries with  low human development, 39 countries between 0.504 to 0.645 HDI values as medium human development, 53 countries between 0.757 to 0.894 HDI value as high human development and above 0.894 HDI value consist of 59 countries with very high human development.

Sri Lanka is among the high human development countries as it has an HDI value of 0.770 in the latest Index

HDI in 2018 for South Asian Region

According to the reports Sri Lanka had experienced an average annual HDI growth of 0.47 between the period of 2010-2017.





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Further according to the latest index Sri Lanka is ranked 11th among the Asian countries.

The reports further say that the rate of vulnerable employment in 2017 was 40 per cent of total employment.

Exports and imports are 51.1 per cent of the annual GDP and foreign direct investments and remittance inflows are 1.6 and 8.25 per cent of GDP respectively in 2018.

There is a higher number tuberculosis incidence in 2018 which is 65 per 100,000 people when compared to other sicknesses such as malaria and child malnutrition amounts to 17.3 per cent of children under 5

The education index 0.749 which is also highest in the region

The skilled labour force in country is 36 per cent of  the labour force which is higher when compared to the countries in the South Asian region

Overall the South Asian region has a HDI index of 0.638 in 2018 low compared to other regions for that year but during the period between 2010-2017 it has the highest average annual HDI growth which is 1.26 per cent when compared to other regions.


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