Sri Lanka looks to freedom and justice for all citizens: Prime Minister

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has a challenge of building a country with freedom and justice where all people can be united, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in an Independence Day message.

Wickremesinghe said 68 years ago Sri Lanka broke away from the grip of colonialism and on January 08, 2015 Sri Lankans ended a "tyranny of dictatorship, corruption, nepotism and familial rule."

"And now, the task before us is to ensure that the hard won freedom retains its meaning and significance; it is a task that calls for all of us to be united, irrespective of religious, ethnic and political affiliations," he said in a statement.

When Sri Lanka got self-determination from the British, the country had an independent public service and an independent judiciary.

Freedom comes from equal treatment and justice and the restraining the arbitrary or violent acts of the powerful and armed members of society which can be marauders or the state.

Breaking the institution of permanent secretaries and the independence of the judiciary, Sri Lanka had created a powerful and arbitrary presidency, with a constitution that did not restrain the state but made it stronger, undermining the freedoms of the individual citizen, critics have said.

The current administration had set up a constitutional council which will make key appointments in an attempt to create an independent public service, though the body still has a majority of politicians.


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