Sri Lanka mandates fat, salt, sugar labels in foods

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will mandate the labeling of salt and fat and in foods after a similar rules were imposed on sugar content in beverages, a senior health official said.

In 2016 the Ministry of health introduced a color coding system for the sugar content in beverages.
It was color coded as if it is low sugar green color, medium Amber color and if it is high sugar red color

“It was only for sugar in beverages (until now),” Deputy Director General of Health Services Lakshman Gamlath said.

“But from January 1, 2020 onwards it will be applicable for the solid food and sugar, fat and salt content will be displayed.”

The color coding have been already started by several food manufacturing organizations, he said.

“Sometimes even when we are eating there are some food with a high sugar content but hard to tell,” Gamlath said.

“After this if you are a diabetic patient then you will be able to understand what have the high quantity of sugar and what is low.

In another regulation under Sri Lanka’s Food Act, all food handling organizations will have be registered with the state from January 01

Hotels, restaurants and tea vendors will have to be registered with the districts health officer.

“All the food handling businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens in work places hotels and schools, small tea vendors or any other organization must be register under this law,” Gamlath said.





The ministry of health has set new standards for restaurants.

“The newly opening businesses will have to open after being registered under this law and other businesses will get a one year time period to register,” Gamlath said.(Colombo/ Jan 04/ 2019)

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