Sri Lanka metropolis to get integrated urban, transport planning unit

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – The Sri Lankan government plans to set up a multi-agency decision-making body for the Colombo metropolitan region to integrate transport and urban planning, an official said. 

“A multi-agency approach is required for the Colombo metropolitan region,” said Amal Kumarage, Senior Professor of the Moratuwa University’s Department of Transport & Logistics Management.

“In urban areas, transport needs to be integrated with urban development. It needs to be planned by integrated body.” 

The proposed Colombo Metropolitan Transport Development Cell will link the Ministry of Internal Transport, Ministry of Highways, Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry in charge of Provincial Councils, he said.

It will also connect agencies like the Sri Lanka Railways, Sri Lanka Transport Board, National Transport Commission, Road Development Authority, Urban Development Authority along with provincial road development authorities and municipalities.

The move will ensure future transport and land use and urban development planning go together and help reduce worsening traffic congestion, Kumarage said.


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