Sri Lanka military clears roads, treats Nepali earthquake victims

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s military engaged in disaster relief in Nepal has treated 1,500 earthquake victims and is clearing roads and re-building bridges to restore communications with isolated villages, a government statement said.

Sri Lanak’s military team is working in Dolalghat, an area 60 miles from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, a statement from Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister’s office said.

The team has cleared number of roads, allowing relief to be provided to over 100,000 people cut off.

The statement quoted Major General Maithree Dias as saying that soldiers were working had to provide relief.

A hanging bridge had also been repaired, allowing food and medical help to be given to five villages Sipaghat area which were isolated, the statement said.

Arrangements were also being made to celebrate the Vesak festival which falls on May 04 in Nepal.

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