Sri Lanka military to prepare emergency garbage disposal site

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s military is expected to help prepare a short term sanitary landfill in Muturagawela under the guidance of experts, as a short-term solution to disposing garbage in the capital Colombo.

Sri Lanka Army Engineers and the Civil Defence Department will provide men and machinery to build the under advised by the Waste Management Research unit of the University of Peradeniya.

The Cabinet of Ministers had given approval for the proposal.

At the moment about 750 metric tonnes of garbage a day is collected by the Colombo Municipal Council. About 350 metric tonnes used to be dumped in Karadiyane and 90 tonnes in Dompe.

The government believes that the waste could be reduced to 400 metric tonnes if the garbage was separated and domestic waste was composted.

The government has already awarded to companies contracts to process garbage and produce electricity and fertilizer.

However it may take up to two years for the projects to come on stream.

The short term sanitary disposal site is expected to be ready in 40 days. (Colombo/Apr29/2017)

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