Sri Lanka military to run driver database, produce driving licenses

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s military had taken over the running of a databases of citizens authorized to drive and produce driving licenses January 01, 2021, as a pre-cursor to taking over more technology projects of the government, a statement said.

The Army Information Technology Solutions Centre (AITSC) monitored by the army’s signals unit will produce driving licenses in the future.

“With the Army taking over the system, the outflow of foreign exchange will be stopped and the exposure of identity data to foreigners will also be halted,” a government statement said.

Army Information Technology Solutions Centre will provide many of the expected information technology “taking over technology related government projects, the Sri Lanka Army as the protector of the nation will raise living standards,” the statement said.

The licenses were earlier produced by a private company in collaboration with a foreign company, which had run into controversy over allegations of procurement irregularities.

A group of 45 civilians who were working in the driving license unit have been absorbed to the Sri Lanka Volunteer Former civilian staff who were producing licenses

Under a memorandum of understanding signed between the Sri Lanka Army and the Department of Motor Vehicle Registrations the military will operate from an office in Werahera.

The information technology system that integrates applications received by the DMV from 24 districts remotely and 9 districts online will be run by the Army Information Technology Solutions Centre. (Colombo/Jan02/2020)

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  1. So glad to hear the new process & big thank you to the decision maker.
    I am very confident the Army will implement the process prompt & accurate.

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