Sri Lanka Minister rains on Pujith’s police gala

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka police chief’s grand plans for a gala with delicate cucumber sandwiches from the Cinnamon Grand and grandiose coffee table book to launch the department’s 150th anniversary have been rudely shot down.
Inspector-General Pujith Jayasundara planned to invite 4,000 guests for the biggest party of the police in its 150-year history, but Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake has rained on his parade.
A Rs5 million order for 4,000 take-away boxes with tasty morsels, including hand-made chocolates, was placed with the Cinnamon Grand in Colombo in sharp contrast to previous celebrations catered by more modest bakeries.
"In previous years, we used to get Torrington Bakery or some such place to do the catering," a senior officer involved with this year’s 150th anniversary celebrations said.
A cancellation order for the food went out today, just ahead of Saturday’s celebrations, which were to be the high point in Jayasundara’s career.
The government has also shot down extravagant plans to mark the 150th anniversary of the police with district-level events spending taxpayer’s money.
"Both the minister and the government in general was unhappy with a ”thamasha” at a time when the police are accused of moving very slowly in solving some of the most high-profile cases," an organiser of the event said.
Jayasundara will still have his way with some of the low-key religious celebrations, given his strong faith in prayers that he claimed helped him become the Inspector-General.
(COLOMBO, Sept 1, 2016)

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