Sri Lanka mobile internet use up 22-pct in 2015

ECONOMYNEXT – Mobile internet connections grew rapidly in 2015, supported by cheap prices and infrastructure improvements by telecommunication companies, the Central Bank said.

Total internet connections grew 20.5 percent during 2015, raising internet penetration to 19.5 percent, it said in its annual report for 2015.

“This was largely supported by rapid growth of 22.2 percent in mobile internet connections, while fixed internet connections grew 12.6 percent.”

The Central Bank noted that access to internet services may be higher.

Some of these connections do not reflect ad hoc data users on general telephone connections, while common access points, like those used by companies, are considered single connections in spite of multiple user access.

The number of mobile telephone connections increased 10.2 percent, while fixed wireline telephone connections grew only 0.5 percent in 2015.

Fixed wireless connections continued its declining trend, dropping of 7.2 percent in 2015, causing a decline in total fixed telephone connections by 4.0 percent during the year.

By end-2015, fixed telephone penetration (connections per 100 persons) and mobile telephone penetration stood at 12.4 percent and 116.3 percent, respectively.

To cater to future data demand, telecom operators upgraded their fibre optic cable systems and expanded networks to facilitate a higher data capacity.
(COLOMBO, May 10 2016)





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