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Sri Lanka motor cyclists demand licence to die

ECONOMYNEXT – A group of Sri Lankan motorcyclists today denounced the government move to raise road fines and insisted that two-wheelers should have the right to get ahead and beat traffic congestion.

The group calling themselves the Ceylon Motorcyclists’ Association said it will ask members to wear black arm bands to protest the latest budget proposal to raise the minimum traffic fine to 2,500 rupees.

"A motorcyclist trying to get ahead in thick traffic is something that is accepted universally," the association said. "That is the nature of two-wheelers and people in our country have not understood it."

The association said both the law and the police "hate" motorcyclists and the new penalty will be too much for their members to bear because it will be more than their monthly petrol bill.

The association said the higher fine will only benefit corrupt traffic policemen and asked the government to carry out educational program for drivers.

The association did not say why drivers have to be "educated" again after proving their competence to drive when they obtained their driving licence.

The association also failed to mention that motorcycles were responsible for the largest number of road fatalities. The association can be reached on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ceylonma

Over 900 people died after being either hit by motorcycles or trying to avoid them in the first nine months of this year. A large number of motorcyclists and their pillion riders were also killed due to reckless driving. In relatively fewer incidents, motorcycle riders were run over by bigger vehicles.

Finance minister Ravi Karunanayake announced Sunday that he will not waver in his commitment to make roads safer by ensuring the traffic fines have a deterrent effect on errant motorists.





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(COLOMBO, Nov 13, 2016)

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