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Sri Lanka Navy arrests night divers, sea cucumbers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka Navy said it had arrested over 70 persons seized their diving gear along with over 10,000 sea cucumbers and shark fins for illegal fishing in several night operations.

North Central Naval Command, during patrols conducted in Walaipadu and Iranativu sea areas, seized 6878 sea cucumbers that were illegally harvested during nigh diving and taken into custody 53 individual and 11 dingies with diving gear.

In Arippu, Kondachchikuda and Kalpitiya seas, the Northern Naval Command off Allapiddi and Eastern Naval Command in the sea area of Sallimunai had seized 3341 sea cucumbers in diving.

The patrols had apprehended 22 persons, 07 dinghies and diving gear.

Sea cucumbers and shark fins have an export market.

The Navy had also seized turmeric after Sri Lanka went on an import substitution drive banning imports amid money printing and drove their prices up.

The Navy’s Eastern, Northern, Northwestern, North Central and Southeastern Naval Commands in operations from February 16 to March 30 had also taken into custory 128 persns and seized 41 boats involved in several illegal fishing practices.

They had fished without valid passes, used unauthorized fishing nets, had illegally caught shark and their fins, fishing in restricted areas and possession of illegally caught lobsters. (Colombo/Apr01/2021)





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