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Sri Lanka Navy recovers abandoned explosives in Mullivaikkal

Some of the weapons recovered by the Navy yesterday

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lanka Navy recovered an assortment of explosive items in a privately owned development site in Mullivaikkal, Mullaitivu yesterday.

According to a statement from the Navy, the explosives are believed to have been left behind by fleeing LTTE cadres during the final phase of Sri Lanka’s civil war that ended in 2009.

The items were discovered during a search operation carried out by the Eastern Naval Command. Some 45kg of TNT (in three plastic boxes), approximately five kg of C4, seven 81mm mortars, 15 unidentified fuses, 118 expelling chargers, one claymores mine, a part of an unidentified bomb (approximately 08kg in weight) and one electric detonator were among the recovered explosives.

The Navy statement said the explosive items were handed over to the Mullaitivu police, who will conduct further investigatoins and search for any other explosives at the site. (Colombo/Sep16/2020)

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