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Sri Lanka new curfew rules from May 11 Monday for public, businesses – Updated

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is relaxing Coronavirus curfews in the Western province for people to report to work and also get groceries from the nearest shop according to the last digits of their identity card, police said.

The president’s office said a Coronavirus curfew will remain in force in Colombo and Gampaha aimed at minimizing people’s movement.

In Kalutara and Gampaha a dusk to danw curfew will be in effect from 2000hours to 0500h like other districts

“Conditions included in previous announcements regarding the resumption of normal life will remain unchanged,” the statement said.

Sri Lanka had confirmed 08 new Coronavirus cases up to May 10, taking the total up to 855, the health ministry said. Six were from the Navy and 02 were recent returnees from Dubai already in quarantine.

The minimum number of workers called to work on May 11 for state offices and should report to work before 0830 and leave between 1500 and 1600 hours, Sri Lanka’s acting police chief said in a notice.

They do not need MOH certificates to cross district lines.

The time limit does not appl to state factories or shift workers.

Staff of private businesses and officer could report to work between 0830 and 1000h. Vehicles taking them home should leave at 1600 and 1700h.

Public transport should follow health guidelines.





Shops selling essential goods, groceries, telecom shops, clothes shops, books and news stands as well as lottery sellers could open.

The public should only go such shops within walking distance.

Pharmacies would also be open.

Members of the public should go shopping based on the last digit of their ID card.

Mondays 1,2
Tuesdays 3,4
Wendesdays 5,6
Thursday 7,8
Friday 9,0

People under quarantine cannot leave their houses.

Delivery person who are now authorized would be allowed to continue.

Supermarkets would be open and under health rules.


Sri Lanka health ministry Coronavirus guidelines for supermarkets, restaurants

Sri Lanka health ministry Coronavirus guidelines for factory, manufacturing businesses

Three wheelers could carry only 02 persons other than the driver.

Uber, PickMe could carry three adults under health rules.

Vehicles used to carry staff to businesses and factories should follow rules on face masks, disinfection, and temperature checks.

Salons and barber shops could open after a certificate from the regional medical officer of health. They have to follow health rules.

Private medical centres would be allowed to be open. They should get an MOH certificate and follow health rules.

Tourist hotels would be allowed to open but restaurants would not be allowed until further notice. They have to follow health guidelines.

Economic centres and Manning Market could open under health guidelines.

Construction activities and transport of building material is allowed. However only the essential construction staff should be called, and they should be issued a letter.

The following places are not allowed until further notice.

01. Weekly markets (pola)
02. Gyms
03. Spa
04. Clubs
05. Betting centres

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  1. This is slightly wrong. Curfew has been lifted during the day for Kalutara and Puttalam districts. Colombo and Gampaha districtd still remain under curfew

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