Sri Lanka new Govt public support slips on delay perceptions: report

EconomyNext – Public support for Sri Lanka’s new government appears to have slipped because of perceived delays in acting against allegedly corrupt members of ousted president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime, a newspaper said.

"Inordinate delays in either filing action or prosecuting key figures in the former regime including close associates of the President may have led to a slump in public confidence in the new Government," the Sunday Times said.

The report was based on the results of a opinion joint poll conducted by the newspaper and its polling partner, Research Consultancy Bureau (RCB) to gauge the performance of the new government.

"People still strongly in support of the Government, but confidence level slipping," it said.

Rajapaksa was ousted in the January 8 presidential poll.

The surveys – through email and on the street – were conducted on two separate dates; one before the government’s January 29 budget and one after.

"What was striking in the pre and post budget polls was that while people were still strongly supportive of the new regime, the level of confidence in the Government’s ability to deliver on all the promises made during the election campaign, varied in both polls.

"In the post budget poll, the confidence level had come down." The newspaper said.

The questions dealt with common issues that figured during the election campaign.
These were freedom of speech, abuse of power, corruption and the rule of law.





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