Sri Lanka offers Rs20bn in 3, 8-year bonds

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka has called offers to sell 3 and 8-year bonds on March 12, the state debt office said, after raising 51 billion rupees from a bond auction Tuesday. The debt office calling offers for 10 billion rupees of 3-year bonds (coupon 8.5 percent) maturing on 01 June 2018, and 10 billion rupees of bonds maturing on 01 September 2023 (coupon 11.20 percent). In the secondary market 3-year bonds maturing on 01 April 2018 were quoted around 7.90/8.30 percent, dealers said. Another 3-year bond maturing on August 2018 was quoted around 8.00/40 percent. 8-year bonds were not liquid.

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