Sri Lanka opposition invoke curse with ‘forbidden nuts’

ECONOMYNEXT, Sri Lanka’s police today began investigating the theft of coconuts from a plantation in the Galle district ahead of a mass ritual organised by Rajapaksa-regime loyalists to cast a curse on the government.

Police said they received a complaint from the owner of the plantation that  a trailer load of nuts from 90 trees had been stolen and towed away in a tractor belonging to the local "Pradeshiya Sabha," or council

"We are told that the nuts were stolen to be used for a ritual at the Seenigama Buddhist temple," a local police official said. "We will question the chairman of the council."

The United People’s Freedom Alliance dissidents who support former president Mahinda Rajapaksa had organised an event on Saturday to dash 100,000 coconuts to invoke a curse on the government.

Seenigama  temple is possibly the only place of Buddhist worship where devotees seek divine help to punish people who had harmed them or stolen their property.

The ritual of cursing involves dashing coconuts as well as grinding chillies, black pepper corns and ginger.   The grinding should be carried out with guidance from a temple employee. A slight shift of the grinding angle could mean the curse will befall the person casting the curse and not the “cursed” target.

It is usually forbidden to offer stolen property to the temple as that could also mean a backfiring of the intended curse.

"We have no faith in the police or the courts and that is why we seek the help of the gods to get justice," spokesman Bandula Gunawardena told reporters on the ritual organised for Saturday.

The Seenigama temple dedicated to god “Devol” is venerated by people who seek revenge or vengeance as well as help to trace their stolen valuables.

Police will be investigating the theft of the nuts amid reports that they were headed to the nearby Seenigama temple. (COLOMBO, Feb 5, 2016)





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