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Sri Lanka opposition MP claims web journalist abducted, assaulted and released

ECONOMYNEXT – A Sri Lankan web journalist who had allegedly been abducted in a black van and then released with assault injuries was taken in for surgery this morning, opposition MP Dr Harsha de Silva told EconomyNext.

According to de Silva, the journalist, Sujeewa Gamage, who contributes to the Siyarata News website, was tortured for information on his sources and political contacts.

The Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB) tweeted this morning that Gamage was then dumped on a street corner.

The MP’s tweet was a quote-tweet response to former speaker Karu Jayasuriya who said the alleged abduction was a reminder of the pre-Yahapalana years.





EconomyNext reached out to the Free Media Movement and the police, but they said they were not aware of the incident.

Reported by Mahadiya Hamza (Colombo/Mar15/2021)

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  1. This is surely a Lie to discredit the gov..Similar Incident like the Swiss Embassy One.Stop this no science and help to build a strong country

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