Sri Lanka outgoing president says established democracy, media freedom

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s outgoing President Maithripala Sirisena said in a farewell address that he had established democracy, media freedom and the current presidential polls, though there were internal conflicts within his coalition.

“I was able to establish democracy during my time,” he said. “A never before seen level of democracy, and media freedom prevailed. As a result of the freedom I was also subject to insults in social media but I was not deterred”

He said as a non-partisan president during the current elections, he had achived something no leader since 1947.

“There were no killings due to state interventions, no political vengeance, bodily harm or destruction of property,” he said.

President Sirisena said it was no secret that there were conflicts within the coalition.

However he had appointed commissions of inquiry to probe irregularities of his own administrations, such as the bondscam.

Now forensic audits have also been done.

Truly surprising information had been uncovered, which he hoped would be revealed to the public by the next administration. (Colombo/Nov16/2019)

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