Sri Lanka overtakes Singapore in Coronavirus

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has overtaken Singapore with total confirmed Coronavirus cases reaching 60,694 compared to 59,825 with steady growth in numbers in a ‘second wave’ in the Indian Ocean Island, according to data from, a global data tracking portal.

Sri Lanka had recorded 290 deaths compared to 29 in Singapore. Sri Lanka had 7,838 active cases compared to 258 in Singapore.

Singapore had an early outbreak which it controlled, while Sri Lanka controlled the disease in early 2020 but failed to effectively control a second outbreak.

Sri Lanka had done 1.64 million tests and Singapore 6.3 million.

Unlike Western countries however Sri Lanka’s public health officers are still tracing and isolating contacts and locking down smaller areas where outbreaks intensify in a bid to check the progress of the disease.

At the same time, unlike the most successful countries like Vietnam Sri Lanka is not fully ‘testing to trace’ but partly to diagnose.

‘Testing to trace’ countries immediately tests F1 contacts to find whether the second level is infected and to stop family members from getting infected, but Sri Lanka waits, observers familiar with the practices say.


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Sri Lanka is also stating a vaccination campaign.

In South Asia, Bhutan leads with 856 cases and one death, with strict quarantine in place. (Colombo/Jan28/2021)

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