Sri Lanka parliament passes vote on account till April 2020

ECONOMYNET – Sri Lanka’s parliament passed a vote on account, giving authority for the government to spend and raise debt up to April 2020 in place a of a full year budget.

Parliament passed the vote on account without a vote being taken. But the Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Permuna, registered a token protest without calling for a division.

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera proposed a vote on account for four months, leaving room for any president elected in November to craft his own budget.

He sought approval to spend a total of 1,470 billion rupees for current, capital spending and debt repayments.

Minister Smaraweera said he expected 745 billion rupees in revenues and expected to raise 721 billion rupees in debt.

Sri Lanka is planning to raise salaries of state workers steeply in 2020.

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Sri Lanka’s Attorney General is to get up to 685,000 rupees, senior judges 530,000 rupees, a senior professor 455,000 rupees, medical specialists 300,000 rupees.

All workers now have to pay taxes. (Colombo/Oct23/2019)





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