Sri Lanka parliamentary polls by April, new President says

EconomyNext – Sri Lanka will hold parliamentary elections by April, President Maithripala Sirisena said Monday, after swearing in his new cabinet of 26 ministers, along with state and deputy ministers.

The appointments were temporary and aimed at fulfilling the new government’s 100-day programme of key reforms to reduce the powers of the executive presidency and restore the independence of institutions like the public service, police and judiciary, he said.

Sirisena told his ministers to keep in mind the need to win public support and not act in a manner that would make voters lose confidence in them.

"Bear in mind that we will hold parliamentary elections in 100 days," Sirisena said.

Any misdemeanours like bribery and corruption would be sternly dealt with under the law, he warned.
He said he regretted the few incidents of violence that had occurred since the January 8 presidential poll where he was elected and that violence before the election would be investigated and culprits dealt with by producing them before courts.

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