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Sri Lanka plans to pay Rs45 a unit to generator owners

ECONOMYNEXT  – Sri Lanka is prepared to pay 45 rupees per kilowatt to owners of generators who can synchronise their plants with the electricity grid, Power Minister Ravi Karunanayake said.

He said there was an estimated 1538 MW of generators with various private sector firms, which can generate power.

"This has not been successful so far," Karunanayake told parliament. "We will try for another two weeks. We plan to pay them 45 rupees a unit."

He said they will ‘democratically’ talk with the owners to get them to help in the crisis and if not power will be disconnected (visandi).

State-run Ceylon Electricity Board in the past operated a’self-generation’ scheme for many years where companies that had generators were encouraged to use them instead of relying on the grid to reduce the burden.

Many generators in the country are standby plants that cannot operate for a long time, but can be used during peak time.

Sri Lanka is now having up to four hours of rolling blackout after President Maithripala Sirisena cancelled a 500 MW coal plant and also delayed awarding a 300MW stop gap combined cycle plant for three years. (Colombo/Apr02/2019)