Sri Lanka plans to reach 100-pct renewable energy by 2050

Minister Amaraweera riding the fully solar-powered 3-wheeler. Source: Power and Energy Ministry

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka will obtain 100 percent of the country’s electricity need through renewable energy by 2050, Power and Energy Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

“We will work to power Sri Lanka with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050,” Amaraweera said at the Sustainable Energy Authority’s National Energy and Innovation Summit 2019 held in Colombo.

Amaraweera said the government is importing fossil fuel to fulfil the energy needs of the country and it is important to re-direct the energy and power industry to a new path in order to find a permanent solution for the energy problem.

“There is no sufficient energy sources in the country to full fill the growing need of day to day electricity and power,” he said.

“If we do it according to a plan we will be able to save foreign exchange that we spent on importing fuel.”

“The electricity board is bearing a loss of 80 billion in this year and we have a debt of 200 billion.”

“We have started many projects in order to address this and it is a pleasure for us to introduce three-wheeler that runs 100 percent on solar energy as initial project towards that goal,” said Amaraweera.

He also stated that events are being organized to achieve the government’s short term goal of achieving alternative energy as mentioned in the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s manifesto.

“As mentioned in President Rajapaksha’s manifesto we are organizing this event to achieve our goal of achieving 70 percent use of alternative energy.” Said Amaraweera.

“He has clearly mentioned using of solar energy, wind energy and stop using carbonic products or products that is harmful to the environment to create electricity.” (Colombo/ Dec 18/ 2019)





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