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Sri Lanka police find suicide bomber Zahran’s wife and daughter

ECONOMYNEXT – Two injured persons extracted from a house in Eastern Sri Lanka where 15 people died were the wife and child of suicide bomber Mohammed Zahran, police said.

Following an overnight gunfight and explosions, security forces recovered 15 bodies and a badly injured woman and child from a house in Eastern Sri Lanka.

The woman was identified as Abdul Cader Fathima Sadiya, police spokesman, Nuwan Gunesekra said.

The injured child was identified as Ruzeina, Zahran’s four-year-old daughter, he said.

They were identified by one of Zahran’s sisters and her husband.

At the house, police found another three women, three men and six children dead.

Easter Sunday suicide bombings have been carried out by National Thawheed Jammath (NTJ) and Jamathei Millathu Ibraheem (JMI) two extremist Islamist organizations which have now been banned under emergency laws.

Islamic State, an extremist group based in Syria, which is fighting for a Pan-Islamic agenda, has claimed responsibility.

Three churches and three hotels were hit by suicide bombers killing over 250 people.

Sri Lanka failed to prevent the attacks despite being warned by India that churches will be hit.





Police have have been making rapid progress in unravelling the terror network partly helped by the Muslim community. Authorities tipped of police about suspicious persons in the house. (Colombo/Apr27/2019-SB)

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