Sri Lanka police to embrace blue

ECONOMYNEXT – Police chief Pujith Jayasundara Saturday said he wants to drop the khaki coloured uniform of his men and women and replace it with a deep blue as part of a major reorganisation of the 85,000-strong department.

"I want to take the police in a new direction… very soon this uniform will be dark blue," Jayasundara said adding that blue was already a colour in the police flag.

Any make-over of Sri Lanka’s police uniform could cost a huge amount of money and also raise questions about public servants wearing blue — the colour of a main political party, the SLFP — at election time when such displays of party colours are expressly prohibited under election law.

Addressing a public gathering in Badulla, the Inspector General of Police said blue will be the new colour of police uniforms after declaring that it was the colour internationally reserved for law enforcement.

However, the website said police uniforms around the world tend to be darker colours, but not necessarily blue.  Black,  brown (khaki), green and grey were widely used.

Darker colours had been chosen because stains and wear do not easily show in the case of darker coloured uniforms. (COLOMBO, April 22, 2017)

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