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Sri Lanka Ports Authority gives Covid-19 hotlines to shippers, asks to take away containers

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Ports Authority has asked importers to take away containers cleared by customs quickly and said concessions will be given for others and hotlines had been provided for exporters and importers solve problems.

Identity cards issued by the Port can be used as curfew passes. Their validity has been extended until May.

Port Authority have opened a special control station in order to continue the services effectively and any complaints regarding the services can be directed to the control station through following contacts.

[email protected]

011 2435861
011 2482478
077 311 0040
071 657 0773

Entrance ID to the port can be used as a curfew pass. ID that has been issued in 2019 and have expired can be use until May 30,2020 and all the Security authorities have been notified.

For Port duties and container imports and exports, curfew passes can be obtain by contacting the Sri Lanka police through following telephone numbers.

011 5978708
011 5978738

For any inquires on imports and exports services of the Port Authority following telephone numbers can be use.

071 445 8476
077 727 3879
077 730 0372





Sri Lanka Port Authority will provide service on imports and exports with the collaboration of the Sri Lanka Customs and Sri Lanka Police.

All that Customs have given the approval should be cleared immediately. Relief will be considered individually for cargo that has not yet been cleared by customs. (Colombo/ April 03/ 2020)

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