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Sri Lanka power grid in total cascading failure

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s power supply operated by state-run Ceylon Electricity Board was hit by a cascading failure cutting off power country-wide and restoration of the grid was progressing in stages, an official said.

The trigger for the cascading failure was not yet known, an official said.

A power can be hit by a cascading failure due to a failure in a section of the transmission, network or a generator.

Restoration may take several hours, engineers said.

While a cascading failures spreads through the system in minutes, as parts of the grid trip and generators also trip as demand disappear, its takes longer to re-start generators and restore power.

UPDATE: Sri Lanka in extended blackout as grid fails repeatedly

Emergency shut downs of coal plans in particular can lead to ruptured diaphragms in boilers which may take days to replace.

Nation-wide failures are not common in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was hit by country-wide power grid failure in 2016.


Sri Lanka hit by country-wide power grid failure





There have been total grid failures in 2008 and 2009. (Colombo/Aug17/2020)

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