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Tuesday May 17th, 2022

Sri Lanka power regulator license more electricians

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s power regulator said 2000 more electricians have been awarded formal technical qualifications as part an effort to train 45,000 service personnel in the construction sector, which is expected to import safety by standardization of electric wiring in buildings.

At the moment many electricians learn on the job and sons and nephews learn the job from their elders.

Once regulators specify technical college education, this path to gainful employment will be cut off.

According to Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) 45,000 people are engaged in this profession in Sri Lanka.

“More than 95 percent of these do not have a recognized qualification and due to that they cannot move forward in their respective profession,”Janaka Ratnayake, Chairman of PUCSL said.

“Lack of standardized electricians is a threat to electrical safety of households, and the minimum qualification to obtain the license is the National Vocational Qualification Level 3 (NVQ 3) qualification.”

In 2020 PUCSL commenced a program to train electricians free of charge.

So far 2000 electricians have obtained NVQ 3 for electricians.

PUSL said NVQ3 is the minimum qualification for obtaining an electrician license.

The second phase of the program aims to certify another 1,500 electricians in October.

While the third phase of the program will commence in November to certify 2,500 more electricians by December.

Ratnayaka said, the program was initiated as a solution for the issues in the sector and they aim to offer NVQ3 qualification to all experienced electricians in the sector within next year.

By next year, PUCSL says an electrician license will be made mandatory and regulations will be imposed.

“We are planning to issue the electrical professional license at the district level from this month,” Ratnayaka said.

PUSCL has also signed several Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)s with vocational qualification institutes of Sri Lanka such as TVEC, VTA NAITA to award NVQ 3 for electricians.

PUCSL has also introduced a National Electrician Licensing framework for electricians and their career advancement under four different grades.

To obtain details about the program check PUCSL official Facebook page or contact 0764271030 to register for the program by sending name and district via WhatsApp. (Colombo/ Oct 10/2021)

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